Chris Simmance

Chris Simmance, Neo-Futurist International Keynote Speaker

AKA - The Neo-Futurist;

Delivering hugely entertaining and humorous Keynotes all over the world on what is to come and why your audience should be curious and not scared of change.

About the Keynote:

In my keynote I show your people that change is an inevitable and unavoidable part of life, and – on the whole – the world is actually a far better place because of it. I’ll use a generous helping of humour while I share powerful myth busting stories and surprising statistics that will get them to open up to the incredible possibilities the future holds.

I’ll leave them smiling and thinking “the future is actually looking kind of awesome, I want some of that, let's go!” And they’ll then be less resistant to change in your business, and far more open to whatever innovation drive or change programme you need them to embrace. All with a smile on their faces!

The net result is that you and your people confidently stride into the future with a positive view on change that drives innovation and keeps your business ahead of the curve, growing and adapting for the long term.