How to Build a Newsletter List

Sending out engaging and appealing email content is one of the best ways to build your brand and keep consumers returning their custom. However, knowing who to send your monthly newsletters to is a different matter. Email updates fail to be effective unless you have a current and relevant database of contacts to send it to. Building a newsletter list takes time, and it will constantly change as people unsubscribe and new customers are added.

It is possible to grow your email list for free, with a few industry hacks. It’s all about getting creative in order to persuade people to give you their email address. Here’s a few top tips from the experts here at Chris Simmance.

  1. Create a lead magnet

Offer something in return for an email address – such as a free guide or ‘top tips’ white-paper which is relevant for your audience. Visitors to your website will be able to download this free gift by entering their email address and joining your database – easy.

  1. Call to action

It’s amazing what a few sneaky call to actions can achieve across your website and social media. Go through all of your digital channels and clearly display a call to action, calling for followers to sign up to your monthly newsletter. Obviously, make it sound exciting with exclusive offers and content which won’t be found elsewhere.

  1. Traditional offline marketing

Don’t forget that you can also collect personal data in the traditional way – in person. If you attend trade events, exhibitions or marketing events, collect business cards or ask people to write down their email address. These can all be added to your email database.

  1. Run a competition

Using social media, you can promote a competition or giveaway on your website. As part of entering the competition, entrants will have to type in their email address and agree to subscribe. Just like that, you could have hundreds of new subscribers and one very happy lucky winner of a competition.

  1. Encourage sharing of content

In each newsletter you send out, be sure to include buttons which allow people to forward to a friend or share on social media. This will give your email content a wider audience, which could result in more natural subscribers. Of course, in order for people to want to share the email, you’ll have to make it memorable.

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