How to Write Compelling Content for SEO

Considering how important content is to rank well in search engines, with Google rewarding sites with high quality copy, an article covering this matter might certainly be useful. With improved content relevancy, your site can benefit from increased visibility and this can be of benefit your users, who will see your website as a relevant and trustworthy source of information.

In this feature I’ll present some tips to make sure the copy presented on your site is strong from an SEO point of view and equally has the desired effect on your audience. Content that will please search engines and will hopefully convert readers into customers.

1 – Never start building your house by the roof

It’s incredibly important that you spend some time thinking about the title or headline of your content. Some studies say the title sells the click 80% of the time over an image or other CTA. Make sure your title sums up what you are talking about and at the same time it is attractive. Achieve both and you’ve probably come up with the right title that suits your article.

2 – Get to know the product, brand or service you are writing about

Understanding why the user is looking for this product or service is an essential requirement to be able to create convincing copy. Ask yourself what makes this product valuable for the users and weave something that they’ll love.

3 – Make the content personable

Keep in mind that users will certainly react more to content they can relate to and feel comfortable with. Tell a story, craft an analogy or provide examples that will help the reader better relate to your content. Keep your copy personal yet professional.

4 – Evoke emotions

Use this human tendency to strengthen your copy. As mentioned before, this probably requires your own belief in what you are trying to sell.

5 – Retention is key

Keeping a reader interested is a crucial aspect of successful content. Make sure your content is fresh and don’t be afraid to add images or audiovisual support. For you, the user hitting the back button is not an option!

6 – Compelling content invites shares and links

Keep in mind that users do not only buy a product or service. They buy an idea or concept. Utilise language the audience uses when socializing, and search engines will see you as the most relevant option.

7 – Forget about Keyword Density

The use of keywords has effect on search engines rankings and used wisely will certainly boost your site’s visibility. However, to achieve good results it’s indispensable to keep a natural keyword density. A great post about this can be found here and the key message with Keyword Density is, ironically, not to worry about Keyword Density! Worrying about it will make your content feel contrived or spammy and won’t have the desired result. Remember: Search engines do not like keyword stuffing. You don’t need to repeat keywords to make your content stronger. In fact, if you do so, you’ll probably get the opposite result.

8 – Add Internal & External Links

Linking is the essence of the web. Search engines love sites that encourage visiting other pages and sites through either internal or external linking. However, it’s very important that these links are natural and relevant for the user. It will be helpful to add links to relevant content rather early in the body copy, and even if it might sound obvious, link with naturally relevant anchor text at natural times in the post.

9 – Optimisation is fundamental

Optimising the copy on your site will make search engines happy and will certainly boost your rankings after attracting a fair amount of users. Keep an eye on the data you get from tools like Google Analytics, to refine and improve the content on your page. Check out our 15 GA metrics to track for bloggers to get you started.

10 – Keep it unique

And last but not least, work bearing in mind that the purpose behind what search engines are looking for is providing human searchers with quality results! Unique, relevant, crafted content will certainly be seen as strong for both, search engines and users landing on your site.

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