Business Coaching and Therapy

Are you running an organisation that you started out of love for what you do? Has it grown to a point where you spend more time doing the things you don’t love just to keep it all going?


It can be a challenging and lonely place!

Which of the following sound familiar?

  • I spend more time than I'd like fighting fires with clients and staff
  • I often worry about the numbers
  • My sales pipeline is often less quick than my client churn rate
  • I can feel there is a barrier to growth but can't put my finger on it
  • It feels like we're on a Hamster wheel between feast and famine
  • I'm not so sure if this will stand the test of time
  • I'm not 100% sure what everyone is doing all the time...but they are busy..

It’s normal for founder-owners to have issues, it’s nothing to be ashamed of either. Often, you start your business because you’re great at what you do but, as things have grown you’ve realised you can’t do it all!

You start things, grow nicely and start gaining some scale and miss those unknown-unknowns of running your company that can end up costing time, tears and potentially the business itself. Now more than ever, that’s not what anyone wants.

Having built and exited a couple of agencies, I’ve felt the same highs and lows you might be feeling – and having stepped back to look at all the wins and losses over the last ten years I offer an authentic, no-BS coaching approach that’ll get you where you want to be.

Want to run a less stressful, more profitable and more sustainable business? Maybe there’s something I can help with…

What could we do together?

Take a look at the 3 different ways we can make something amazing happen for you and your company.



Designed for company owner/directors who know they want to grow but need strategic outside support and focus.
We take time together to understand the business history, discover the challenges you (and the business) face, build a strategy and work on transforming things. Think of it as the external driver that keeps you focused and on track to a better business and lifestyle.

It’ll be hard work, but it will be a gamechanger.

What do we do together?

  • Understand you and your business
  • Develop a strategy
  • Catch-up weekly to keep traction (email/message)
  • 1:1 monthly coaching calls (1.5hrs)
  • Appropriate periodic strategy review and planning
  • Work hours support line
  • Intranet and community access

Fees – £1,000 + VAT per month


Digital Agency strategy


Perfect for company decision-makers who know what needs to be done but want a trusted advisor to help build the strategy & maintain traction.
Are you thinking about embarking on a big company change project or pivot? Perhaps you know what you want to do but think some outside perspectives might help—a few nudges in the right direction and support through the knock-on impact of changes could make all the difference. Maybe a focused coaching plan might be the way to go!

How does it work?

  • Understand you and your company, and your plans
  • Develop a focused strategy
  • Set a timeline over the project
  • Regularly catch up on traction calls
  • Work hours support line
  • Intranet and community access

Fees – £4,000 + VAT per project (usually over 3 months max)


Digital Agency Focus


Ideal for someone who needs to talk through the issues we all face in an organisation with a view to improving one or multiple issues.
I’ve been there, it’s lonely, and every problem is personal. No matter how well things are going, it can all take a toll. You need to offload and look at problems from another angle regularly, so you stay sane. Business owner-director trusted ‘Agony-Aunt’ style therapy can add a perspective that you can’t get from your mum…. or Aunt.

What do you get from the therapy couch?

  • We get an understanding of you and your company
  • Develop a rapport
  • Plan in 4 weekly 1hr sessions
  • Between session support line
  • No-BS clarity always!

Fees – £1,000 + VAT per month

Digital Agency Therapy

I bet you have questions!

It’s really tough at the top sometimes. We work really hard at growing our agencies and often the wins outweigh the losses. It can mean it’s hard to know when or if you can do better. Since you’re here it’s quite likely that the first list above resonates with you a little. Therefore, if you’re already recognising that there is more you can do, but from a different approach then now may be the right time.

It’s REALLY easy to read a book and write a to-do list of all the things you’ve read. For some people that might be enough but from my own experience, working “in” the business can often get in the way of working “on” the business.

With that in mind, yes you can technically learn all the theory from a few books and blogs but the accountability, traction and ability to see things from a working “on” the business perspective aren’t usually possible. Trust me, I tried it myself and it hurt!

Well, that really does depend on the overall requirements and scale of ambition. Remembering, what we all say in business land about Cost V’s Value it’s important to understand that when the wheels start turning and the traction begins to show changes, anything spent should show a tangible return for you.

Realistically speaking though, that isn’t a clear no-BS answer like I’d prefer to give.

To put it simply, the fees in the services above are the minimum expectations and once we have a proper chat you and I can work out; What you need v What can be spent v What you want to see as your key outcomes. I’ll promise not to mess about with some complex pricing strategy that hides anything from you.

I can tell you this for free… You should only really be looking to work with a coach that you can see something of yourself in. What I mean is, there are THOUSANDS of people saying they are business coaches but very few who have lived and breathed the same life you’re living right now.

Not to sound horrible but a crusty old guy who used to coach direct marketing firms might not be the best bet.

What makes a good coach is someone who has worked at the coalface, from the ground up and knows the industry as well as you. Someone who knows enough about the world of business land to understand if you’re heading in the right direction and if there is value in another approach.

I’ve made all the mistakes and learned from them. I’ve built and run businesses and know where it can, and often does, go wrong.

That really does depend on what you’re hoping to achieve. I’d take the time to book in an initial call and chat with me. Let us run through the history of you and your business as well as the current and immediate thoughts/issues/worries, something will come out in the call.

To keep it simple:

  • If you’re going around the company Hamster wheel and not really sure what to do to grow, TRANSFORM is probably for you.
  • If you are planning to pivot the business or take on another department or division then perhaps FOCUS is the way forward.
  • Perhaps you’re sitting up in bed all night worrying about one thing or another and you’re losing the love for your baby. In that case, THERAPY might be suitable.

In any some cases, maybe you need to TRANSFORM the way things work as well as FOCUS on another project so you might want to work on both areas with me. Let’s chat and see where I can help.

As a basic minimum, the chances you’re that you’re on this page without meeting the typical demographic is slim. Especially if you’re this far down the page!

Company owner/directors are typically reaching out when their business is:

  • Between 3 and 15 staff as a minimum. Larger companies have different problems that FOCUS can help.
  • Running at between £200k and £500k Turnover as a minimum.

If the above isn’t you, that’s not to say I can’t help. It’s the usual company owner/director business size that I find are ready to do some cool work.

Really, this entirely depends again on the needs. Nothing is off the table outside of the obvious advice that can’t be given as gospel (HR law, contract law & finance law). The leadership work is always better coming from the leaders but supporting 1:1 with the core team is never off the table.

Do you want to work with me?

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