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Only the best can deliver the best, and that’s why I have joined up with some of the top expert agency coaches around to support the growing specific needs each agency leader has. From Positioning, Purpose and People to Sales, Strategy and Systems… The best people to help you are ready to go!

Who are our expert Agency Coaches?

Each of the expert coaches I work with runs their own coaching practices with specific expertise and experience. My vision is that agencies can link their needs with each of these coaches so that they get the very best outcomes for their businesses.

You start with Purpose and Positioning and work through to Strategy, Sales, Systems and Management etc. Sometimes needing one coach and other times needing more than one, at the right time, using the same approach and language throughout.

It’s like having a real Jack or all trades who is an expert at each trade, only that Jack is actually many people, all working in the same ways.😊

Chris Simmance


With 10 years of leadership experience, Chris knows how to get things done. He’s worked with clients across all levels and been exposed to multiple layers in order for him to help you reach your goals as quickly or slowly as is right for YOU! Chris has the ability to get deep into your organisation and understand how it operates on all levels.

He listens carefully, then sorts out what needs changing or improving with his insightful questions that will challenge any status quo – but always in a way which produces results! He coaches people to think critically and build an integrated picture, which generates better bottom-line success.

His style helps teams generate accountability for their projects as well as traction with the goals they’ve set out together – all translating into happier customers who buy more from you!


👉 Leadership & management


👉Systems & Processes.


The benefits of a strategy coach are clear and actionable insight, accountability for your business’s performance with the ability to provide guidance on how best to serve customers. A helping hand in building out required systems that lead directly towards growth at work–and less stress!


Get more done in less time with the help of our expert staff. Here for you when life gets busy so that all your hard work can pay off!

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Célia Senekal


Célia has a Masters in Psychology degree and is a credited coach through Thoughtsmiths. She specialises in thought leadership, employee engagement and culture building. She has dedicated herself to helping leaders create meaning in their own lives and in their organisations, which results in motivated employees, customer commitment and bottom-line performance. Célia follows a program that begins with establishing a foundation for each client in clarifying personal and professional values and goals in creating a long-term vision. She combines this insight with her client’s natural talents and learned skills to create a purpose/mission statement which they can use as a filter for their decision making.


👉People & Values


👉Creative Thinking & Mission Making


The benefit of working with Célia is that you’ll learn a lot about yourself as you learn a lot about your business and its running. Célia will take you on a journey that builds both the people and the business, along with clearly defined strategic aims.

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Dave Betts


Dave is an entrepreneur & business leader with a real appetite for life.

Dave’s passion is helping people turn Vision, Purpose, and Mission into reality, successfully taking many startups from an idea through the various stages of growth through to final sale.

Dave’s last venture, EnergyDrive, has become a global player in the energy optimisation space employing over 100 people throughout South Africa, the UK & the EU.

Dave is an expert in creating a culture for growth, and challenge, by working with teams he helps develop a clear blueprint for scaling, underpinned by developing a climate of high trust through authentic leadership.

Dave has 30 years of coaching and mentoring individuals and teams and is trained in CBT (Cognitive, Behavioral, Therapy) and Personality profiling, with tools such as Strengthsfinder, Myres Brigs and Enneagram.


● 👉Company Culture creation

● 👉Team development

● 👉Personal and Executive coaching

● 👉Business scaling


It’s often not motivation that is required but clarity!

Working with a coach with the experience of having started, scaled & run companies, brings the perspective, and challenge that is required for success.

●👉 The right people in the right roles

●👉 Clarity of direction with a blueprint for growth

●👉 Personal growth and a clear development plan

● 👉Positioned for scaling

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Mat Bennett


Through his 25 years digital career, Mat has developed a pragmatic problem-solving approach to leadership that has seen him survive and thrive through more than one cycle of dot-com boom and bust. Mat reinvented his agency as a productised business before selling to a US SAAS startup in 2021.

Mat now works with agency leaders to pinpoint to the cause of the real issues keeping them from their goals. He helps them uncover practical solutions, and most critically supports and guides them to see those solutions delivered.


  • 👉Readying a business for sale

  • 👉Inbound sales generation

  • 👉Niching down and repositioning

  • 👉Breaking the cycles that hold you back


  • 👉A more buyable business

  • 👉More inbound leads

  • 👉Increased momentum

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Craig Stuart


Craig is a coach and people development specialist who works with individuals and teams to create positive and lasting change. His work is grounded in the understanding that we are what we repeatedly do, and his approach involves helping people to overcome challenges through attention, repetition, and encouragement. This creates sound patterns of self-leadership through enhanced self-awareness. Not only does this process help individuals to be fully present in their work and life, it also ultimately empowers them to take control of what guides and drives them.

Craig’s key strength lies in navigating relational complexity in the workplace. He does this by helping his clients gain perspective and a clear understanding of their environment, themselves, and their role in those spaces. His coaching niche lies in his ability to create healthy rhythms, routines, and habits for those already on their leadership journey or those just starting out, with the core belief that “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”


Helping leaders:

  1. Focus on developing their ability to self-lead and also how they lead their teams.
  2. Engage in relational complexity, usually arising from a rapidly changing business landscape.
  3. Embark on discovering their own leadership style.
  4. Create intentional and practical leadership rhythms, routines, and habits to their lives.
  5. Who are stuck in a rut need new to change the way they solve problems, by changing the way they think.


  1. Helping leaders gain a good sense of perspective when the work landscape around them constantly changes.
  2. Focusing on overcoming relational and team complexity because of that changing landscape, particularly when it comes to finding the balance between prioritising the important and the urgent.


Better headspace, growth and long-term opportunities as your career and business(es) expand.

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