Digital Agency Metamind

Agency Leader Mastermind Groups in The Metaverse

Work with like-minded agency leaders who are looking to grow, share, learn and share war stories. 

Do want to learn the secret sauce to competitors success without leaving your office?

  1. Get candid advice from other agency owners that have been there done that
  2. Learn from others mistakes and experiences in a members-only setting
  3. Get the tools and support to keep you and your team accountable

If so, a Digital Agency leaders mastermind might be a good option for you.

I do things differently, we meet 8 times a year as a group in The Metaverse. This allows groups to be from all over the world and share a wider array of ideas and techniques whilst not involving lots of costly and carbon-heavy travel.

Only £150 a month for access to 8 in depth sessions each year with a free Oculus Quest 2 when you sign up.

How does it work?

  • 8 half day group sessions with between 5 and 8 other agency leaders in The Metaverse
  • Group chat and advice line access outside of sessions to maintain support and accountability
  • Access to a wider group of other agency leaders as cohorts grow
  • 1 optional 1:1 coaching session per quarter within The Metaverse
  • Fully facilitated sessions with Hot Seats, Problem Solving and Focus Sessions
  • Access to resources that help build strategy and maintain traction
  • FREE Oculus Quest 2 which you'll own and can use as you'd like outside of sessions*
  • No need to brush your hair for meetings, your Avatar will always look pristine

Dive into the metaverse

What does it cost?

Only £150 a month for access to 8 in-depth sessions each year with
a free Oculus Quest 2 when you sign up.

Digital Agency strategy

want to Meet us in the metaverse?

Applications only start a conversation, you’re not committing to the Metamind just yet.

We need to make sure this will be the right fit for you.

  • Don't worry, you'll not be added to any marketing lists. Newsletters and that rubbish is far too old-school for me


Got questions?

The group meets roughly every 6 weeks which should allow for diaries to match everyone’s schedules. This also allows a little wiggle room for seasonal events or holidays etc. We’ll always book 2 or 3 future events in advance so that time can be allotted and everyone can make it.

The total session time will be 3.5 hours, technically a half working day. Having done many of these sessions IRL, a full day is hard to commit to as there are too many agency lift distractions. We’ll book either morning or afternoon, whichever is the preference of the group majority. There will be a comfort break mid way through too.

There will be between 5 and 8 in a cohort. This means we get a wide range of views and experiences but we’re also able to keep things relatively fresh. There will never be more than 8.

This is part of the value here, we have to have trust and as such we operate on a Chatham House Rules basis where nothing we discuss together will be taken out of the room unethically. Equally, we all agree to only share what we’re comfortable with so long as it works for the group. There will never be any direct competitors in the same cohort so we’re not risking any personal or professional issues there.

YUP. Free! You can use it however you choose outside of the sessions as long as it is in good working order for when we meet as a group. You can set up your Avatar and I’ll of course send over clear instructions on accessing the room and the basics of the platform. We’ll also conduct a short session prior to our meetings where everyone can become acquainted with the new reality 🙂